Airport Advisory Committee Agenda




18 January 2018

















NOTICE is given that a meeting of the Airport Advisory Committee will be held in the Committee Room, Administration Building, Southern Drive, Busselton on Thursday, 18 January 2018, commencing at 11.00am.


The attendance of Committee Members is respectfully requested.

Statements or decisions made at Council meetings or briefings should not be relied on (or acted upon) by an applicant or any other person or entity until subsequent written notification has been given by or received from the City of Busselton. Without derogating from the generality of the above, approval of planning applications and building permits and acceptance of tenders and quotations will only become effective once written notice to that effect has been given to relevant parties. The City of Busselton expressly disclaims any liability for any loss arising from any person or body relying on any statement or decision made during a Council meeting or briefing.




Mike Archer




15 January 2018


Agenda FOR THE Airport Advisory Committee MEETING TO BE HELD ON 18 January 2018



ITEM NO.                                        SUBJECT                                                                                                                              PAGE NO.

1....... Declaration of Opening and Announcement of Visitors. 4

2....... Attendance. 4

Apologies. 4

Approved Leave of Absence. 4

3....... Public Question Time. 4

4....... Disclosure Of Interests. 4

5....... Confirmation Of Minutes. 4

5.1          Minutes of the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting held 25 December 2017. 4

6....... Reports. 5

6.1          Busselton-Margaret River Airport - Airport Update. 5

7....... General Discussion Items. 10

8....... Confidential Reports. 11

8.1          Chapman Land Exchange Contract - Busselton-Margaret River Airport Development Project

This report contains information of a confidential nature in accordance with Section 5.23(2(c) of the Local Government Act 1995, as it contains information relating to a contract entered into, or which may be entered into, by the local government and which relates to a matter to be discussed at the meeting

9....... Next Meeting Date. 11

10..... Closure. 11


Airport Advisory Committee                                            4                                                                  18 January 2018


1.               Declaration of Opening and Announcement of Visitors

2.               Attendance 


3.               Public Question Time  

4.               Disclosure Of Interests


5.               Confirmation Of Minutes

5.1             Minutes of the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting held 25 December 2017


That the Minutes of the Airport Advisory Committee Meeting held 25 December 2017 be confirmed as a true and correct record.


Airport Advisory Committee                                            5                                                                  18 January 2018

6.               Reports

6.1             Busselton-Margaret River Airport - Airport Update


Busselton-Margaret River Airport


Assets are well maintained and responsibly managed.


Commercial Services


Commercial Services


Airport Operations Coordinator - David Russell

Manager, Commercial Services - Jennifer May


Director, Community and Commercial Services - Naomi Searle


Simple Majority






This report provides an overview on the Busselton-Margaret River Airport (BMRA) operations and activities for the reporting period 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2017.




The BMRA has seen a decrease in the overall FIFO / charter passenger numbers compared to the same period for 2015/16, which can be attributed to the withdrawal of the Maroomba / Ad Astral services to the Karrara mine site in December 2015 and a reduction in private charter passengers from 2016 to 2017. 


Below is a table indicating the number of total passengers travelling through BMRA for the reporting period of 1 October to 31 December for 2015, 2016 and 2017:



Total Arriving & Departing Passengers





























The total number of departing FIFO services from BMRA is currently 10 flights per week.


A total of 1091 aircraft landings were recorded for the period October-December 2017, a decrease from the numbers reported for the same period in 2016 (1303) and 2015 (1431). This reduction in aircraft landing is attributed to fewer skydiving operations, the removal of a weekday courier service in April 2017 and the Maroomba / Ad-Astral service as noted above.  Busselton Aero Club training flight and emergency services operations have also decreased for the same period, however flight movements have increased for adventure flight operations in 2017.


Car Park


Car park usage has remained steady with regards to car parking numbers and a very slight increase in revenue.


Over the weekend of 6 January 2018, the car park was broken into with damage to 3 vehicles including one (1) vehicle having all wheels removed and sustaining panel damage with others having spot lights removed.


City Officers have reported this to Police and officers are investigating the use of CCTV to monitor all vehicles entering and exiting the car park and terminal roads with preliminary investigations estimating the cost to be in the $20,000 to $30,000 range.


Runway Closure


The City approved the airside construction contractors Ertech to close the runway for a four (4) day period (11/01/2018 – 16/01/2018) to conduct 24 hour operations for the preparation to relocate to temporary runway south, enabling  works to be completed on the northern section of the runway before final commissioning of the permanent runway on 1 March 2018.  The closure did not affect scheduled services and has been the only closure associated with the Airport Development Project.


Comprehensive consultation with all airport users, stakeholders and emergency services has been conducted prior to this operation taking place.


Temporary runway south will see the existing apron and taxiway closed with a temporary code B taxiway extension constructed to allow BMRA hanger owners/tenants to use the runway while the current apron and taxiway  are closed.


CASA Surveillance


CASA conducted a Level 1 aerodrome surveillance from 6 - 9 November 2017 during which time six (6) safety observations and 10 safety findings were reported. City officers have responded to CASA on rectifications and will report all findings to the Airport Safety Management Committee when completed.


The below table indicates the areas identified as having safety findings or observations.  The surveillance scope is the extent and boundaries of the surveillance activity.


AV8 Charity Event


The City has received a request from AV8 Charity Flight, the event organiser for the AV8 Charity

Flight to raise funds for Variety WA, to waive the landing fees and passenger facilitation fees for an

event to be held on 10 March 2018. The event comprises of two (2) F100 aircraft, with expected

passenger numbers of 200 to fly down to Busselton and spend the day in the region. The

fundraising proceeds go to the Variety Club of WA.


The estimated total waived fees, including landing fees,  passenger fees and staff costs, is expected to be $5,900 (excl GST) and as such requires Council endorsement. The City supported this event last year through the waiving of landing and passenger facilitation charges. Other sponsors for this event include Virgin Australia Regional Airlines (VARA) and Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association (MRBTA)





Under the Noise Management Plan (NMP) the City is required to submit its annual compliance report to the Office of Environmental Protection Authority (OEPA) prior to 22 September 2018 for the reporting period of 23 June 2017 to 22 June 2018.  For the period of 23 June 2017 to the current date there has been three non-conforming operations (all by the same operator) reported to the OEPA and  one (1) out of an available twelve (12) CEO approved non-conforming activities (section 3.3.3 Approval for Non-Conforming Activity of the NMP)  used for this reporting period.




The BMRA operates in accordance with the following: Aviation Transport Security Act 2004, Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005, CASA MOS 139, Council’s Transport Security Plan and City policies and procedures.




There are no policy implications with this report.




Airport revenue for the 2017/2018 financial year to 31 December is $441,719 compared to a projected year to date (YTD) budget of $491,100.

The main reasons for revenue being less than expected is due to the City having not received payment of VARA’s December 2017 passenger fees estimated at $20,000 and outstanding Avdata landing fee collection estimated at $40,000. Car parking revenue is slightly higher than expected with an income of $119,938 compared to the projected YTD budget of $112,500.


The graph below shows the landing fees collected by Avdata for the reporting period October - December 2017 in comparison to the same period for 2015 and 2016, noting that AVDATA have invoiced operators for December 2017 landings but the City has not received these fees as noted above.




Airport expenditure for 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2017 is $373,457 compared to a projected YTD Budget amount of $345,400. Expenditure at this time is higher than expected due to planned works for the site clearance and water tank relocation for the jet fuel facility having been performed earlier than expected. There are no financial implications as a result of this report.


Long-term Financial Plan Implications


There are no financial implications as a result of this report.




The BMRA is consistent with following the City of Busselton’s strategic Objectives:


Well Planned, Vibrant and Active Places:


·    Infrastructure Assets that are well maintained and responsibly managed to provide for future generations;


·    Connected City of Busselton Transport options that provide greater links within our district and increase capacity for community participation.




An assessment of the potential implications of implementing the officer recommendation has been undertaken using the City’s risk assessment framework. The assessment sought to identify ‘downside’ risks only rather than ‘upside’ risks and where the risk, following implementation of controls, has been identified as medium or greater. No such risks were identified.



Consultation with Department of Transport, South West Development Commission, Aviation Projects, Government agencies, Airport stakeholders, Office of Transport Security (OTS), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Virgin Australia Regional Airline, the Busselton Aero Club, Service Agencies, Albany, Esperance, Geraldton Airports and Australian Airports Association has been occurring on a regular basis concerning many topics and issues relating to the Airport.




FIFO passenger numbers through the BMRA have remained steady with a reduction in Ad-hoc charter passengers compared to the same period last year.  Officers expect FIFO passenger numbers to remain in line or above budgeted forecasts for the remainder of the financial year.


The October - December period has seen operational improvements, maintenance, scheduled inspections and staff training taking place including:

·    Relocation of the water tanks for filling water bombing aircraft to make way for the Jet A1 fuel facility which will be operational in February 2018;

·    Installation and replacement of boundary security signage;

·    Arum Lilly eradication program;

·    Rectification of CASA surveillance findings; and

·    AAA Training webinars on NOTAM awareness and Aerodrome pavement design.




With airside and landside works well underway, the importance of maintaining a compliant aerodrome has been the utmost priority of the last quarter. The Airport Team continues to work with the Project Team for the upcoming completion of airside works and the challenges ahead this year.


As always officers will continue to provide a high level of customer service ensuring the airport is operating safely during this year and during the Airport Development Project.




The Airport Advisory Committee chooses not to accept the Officers report.




Not Applicable





That the Council;


1.    Receives and notes the Airport operations update report.


2.    Endorses the waiving of landing fees, passenger facilitation fees and staff costs for the AV8 Charity Flight to be held on 10 March 2018 to raise funds for Variety Club of WA for 2 x F100 aircraft and estimated 200 passengers to the value of $5,900 (excl GST).



Airport Advisory Committee                                            10                                                                18 January 2018

7.               Confidential Reports  


The reports listed below are of a confidential nature, in accordance with section 5.23(2) of the Local Government Act 1995.  These reports have been provided to Councillors, the Chief Executive Officer and Directors only.



That the meeting is closed to members of the public to discuss the following items which are confidential for the reasons as shown.

8.1             Chapman Land Exchange Contract - Busselton-Margaret River Airport Development Project

This report contains information of a confidential nature in accordance with Section 5.23(2(c) of the Local Government Act 1995, as it contains information relating to a contract entered into, or which may be entered into, by the local government and which relates to a matter to be discussed at the meeting


8.               Next Meeting Date

9.               Closure